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Self-Presentation & Charisma: How to become an interesting person

Everyone has the potential to be an interesting person. We don't have to be supermodels or space astronauts to get other people's attention. The trick, rather, lies in knowing how to highlight the things that differentiate us from other people. Beyond world-wide trends, are the things that make you an original person. Are you unsure on how to figure out and emphasize your uniqueness? Would you like to try something new and work on your look? During our joint consultation, we will clarify your questions and find new ideas and perspectives to help you with your self-presentation.
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For people who would like to break out of their comfort zone and become more exciting for both themselves and others, even if they initially lack the courage to. For those who think they can benefit from a little more passion and inspiration in their daily work.  

  • Video call through Zoom  
  • Virtual live advice with Gabriela Meyer, owner of Modern Life Seminars, trainer and author
  • You can book sessions from 60 minutes or more, as needed
  • “What makes one interesting and what makes one boring?” “How can I become a lively and exciting story teller?” “How do I win people over?” “In what ways do I stand out from the crowd?” “How can I correctly highlight my inner self?” We’ll talk about it!
  • You will receive tailored support with individual questions
  • You will receive valuable practical tips that can be implemented right away (f.e. making a strong first impression and boosting your personal impact)

„Work on being an interesting person other people want to be around and are willing to open doors for…. “ – J.Maureen Henderson