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How to master the art of Small Talk and Networking

Do you dislike – or even hate - professional small talk situations? Do you want to learn how to successfully build rapport with others or how to deal with naturally talkative persons? Here it´s all about the art of good conversations. You will receive inspiration on how to easily talk to others – and how to present yourself in a confident yet relaxed manner in the future (even in virtual live situations!). This way, you will be able to achieve your career goals and build better networks. We will clarify your questions through a personal one-to-one video call consultation and coaching.
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  • Video call through Zoom  
  • Virtual live coaching with Gabriela Meyer, trainer and author
  • You can book sessions from 60 minutes or more, as needed
  • “What should I pay attention to in Small Talk?” “How do I come off as likable?” “How do I establish contact easily?” “What should I pay attention to when dealing with individual parties?” “What should I chat about in virtual live situations?” Together, we will work through your specific questions.
  • You will receive inspiration that can help you lead relaxed small talk conversations
  • You will receive valuable practical tips that can be implemented right away
  • If you are looking to increase your smalltalk skills, improve your body language or be a better networker, this on-one-one coaching is for you.